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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is an Extremely Common Problem

Shoulder pain is one of the most common reasons for a person to seek medical attention. The shoulder is a complex and delicate joint that is more mobile than any other joint in the body. Back Care Chiropractic specializes in this type of pain. Because of this, the shoulder can easily be damaged in a number of different ways. This joint is also able to easily move beyond its normal range of motion, leading to injury. Shoulder pain can be mild to severe, but is almost always a nuisance because we use our shoulders for almost any arm movement. A number of ailments in the body can manifest themselves as shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain can be Debilitating

Shoulder pain can be felt in two general regions: the shoulder itself, and the scapula (or shoulder blade). Pain in the shoulder itself can be caused by a multitude of ailments in various areas of the body. Pain in the scapula region almost always originates in the neck. The shoulder itself is made up of three bones, and two separate joints that facilitate movement. The ball-and-socket- joint, that we usually think of as the shoulder, is lined with a thin synovial membrane. This delicate membrane can often become damaged by a traumatic event, or repetitive use injuries. Once damage to any part of the shoulder occurs, subsequent injuries are much more common. This is a leading cause of reoccurring shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain Should be Treated with Chiropractic Care

Shoulder pain is often experienced by patients because of how common shoulder injuries are. Rotator cuff injuries, dislocations, and bruises are the most common form of injury. The shoulder can be moved into a position that can cause damage without much effort. Even strong, healthy shoulders are susceptible injury. As a result, a person with a shoulder that has been previously weakened by an injury is much more prone to re-injury. Because this joint is one of the most moved and utilized parts of the body, repetitive use injuries are a common cause of shoulder pain.


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