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Chiropractic is the largest drug-free healthcare system in the world and is based on the philosophy, science, and art of natural healing. Chiropractors are the only healthcare providers who locate and release a serious form of stress in the body: the Subluxation.


Subluxations interfere with the body’s natural healing ability and normal function resulting in Dis-ease (a body functioning at less than its potential).


Dis-ease can cause lowered resistance, pain, imbalance, weakness, and fatigue, and can pave the way for ill health in almost any part of the body.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The Chiropractic physician spends years of study and training in order to master the techniques needed to locate and correct Subluxations. Once the location of Subluxations are determined, a series of Chiropractic adjustments to correct or release the Subluxation Complex. The Chiropractic adjustment is unique for each person. Dr. Williams is trained and certified in more than a dozen specific adjustment techniques.

What Can I Expect after an Adjustment?

At the moment you receive an adjustment to correct your Subluxations, your nerves are better able to send life’s messages from your Brain areas througout your body. You may feel more awake as your brain has less stress and your vision may be sharper. That’s why children under Chiropractic care have increased attention span, improved concentration, and perform better in school. The most common “post adjustment” tendencies or reactions are:

  • You may feel relaxed, more peaceful, more balanced and aware that the old tension or stress you’d been carrying for many years is beginning to dissolve.
  • You may feel an immediate change in any symptoms you’ve had – pain may disappear, you may be able to move, bend, and turn more easily; you may be able to see better; your hearing may seem more acute; your posture may feel more balanced and you may feel more alive.
  • Chiropractors have seen high blood pressure lower, low blood pressure rise, hypoactive children become more energetic, depression lift, vision improve, concentration deepen, digestion improve, sleep become deeper – it all depends on your unique needs.

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