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Back Pain

Chiropractic Care for Your Back Pain

At Back Care Chiropractic, we specialize in back pain relief through our natural, drug free, surgery free, form of healing. We treat the underlying causes of your pain, giving you real, lasting relief.

Back pain is a serious problem affecting millions of people’s lives. Our principal treatment method is the chiropractic alignment. This procedure is either performed by hand, or with the help of instruments designed to help patients in certain circumstances. The causes of back pain are varied, and depend on the individual. Many have suffered an injury from a work or car accident. Others may simply have had poor posture for many years. These are known as stressors. Different types of stress contribute to back pain.

Patients who have been experiencing back pain for several years likely have large amounts of built up stress. Because of this, healing will take time. Less severe forms of back pain can be relieved much faster than older, more serious ones. It is recommended that patients with a lot of stress in their lives come in for chiropractic adjustments more frequently than those with less stress. All types of stress can lead to subluxation, or lack of nerve flow. This restricted nerve flow can lead to pain, lowered immune system, and being more prone to injury.

Back Pain is a Serious Problem

All over the world, people experience back pain at alarming levels. This type of pain is the fourth largest reason people visit the doctor. Not surprisingly, the most frequent cases of back pain is the result of work requiring large amounts of heavy lifting, or sitting in non ergonomic positions for long periods. Both of these put physical stress on the body, reducing nerve flow. According to the American Journal of Medicine, back pain is classified according to its duration: acute pain lasts less than four weeks, subacute pain lasts four to twelve weeks, and chronic back pain which occurs for longer than twelve weeks.

Pain tends to manifest itself physically as inflammation in and around our joints. This swelling puts pressure on nerves lowering their efficiency. Although there are many over the counter and doctor prescribed and administered remedies for back pain, nearly all of these have serious side effects. Cortisone shots are commonly injected into the spine of patients suffering from severe pain; once this wears off, the pain returns. Chronic pain is a physical stressor and cannot be properly cured with chemical drugs.

Surgery is another common method used to treat back pain. While having varying success rates, these surgeries are complicated, expensive, and may not actually help you find relief. Chiropractic care is a highly recommended alternative to surgery and drugs. We treat back pain differently, attacking the root cause of the issue. Dr. David Williams, D.C. is an expert in treating a variety of mild to severe pain.

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