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Back Pain

Back pain is a serious problem affecting millions of people’s lives. At Back Care Chiropractic, we specialize in treating various types of back pain. Our principal treatment method is the chiropractic alignment.

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 Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common ailment that is known as cervicalgia within the medical communities. One of the most common types of pain, this disorder is thought to affect two thirds of the world’s population.

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Sciatica treatment is specialized to meet your needs. At Back Care Chiropractic, we’ve specialized in sciatic nerve pain for over a decade. Sciatica refers to pain that’s caused by stressors acting upon the sciatic nerve.

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Our Approach to Healthcare

“The power that made the body, heals the body.”

Every human being begins when two half cells are joined together inside the womb. Those cells automatically organize matter into a human being over the course of 270 days. The first tissue that forms is the brain, followed by the spinal cord and then the nerves branch off of the spinal cord. Everything else in your body forms on the end of the nerves. The brain, spinal cord and nerve system are the core of the body. Almost like a seed with a long taproot and lots of branches.

The brain coordinates and controls everything that happens in the body from the beginning. The spinal cord and nerves are the channel the brain uses to communicate with the body. These organs are important and are protected by the skull and the moveable bones in your spine. As a result of abnormal movement or position, the bones can become a source of nerve irritation. If that happens, the messages the body uses to communicate with may become distorted. It is from these distorted messages that most of our symptoms are experienced. These symptoms are commonly neck pain, back pain, headaches, arm pain, leg pain and other symptoms.

Our approach to health is based on the fundamental concept – that since the body was smart enough to make itself from two half cells – the body will heal itself when everything is communicating properly. Communication occurs through the nerves. Nerves are channeled through the bones. Bones can move into a position that can cause nerve irritation.

Our care includes adjusting the spinal bones and joints to take pressure off the nerve system and the messages the system carries. When the body communicates properly without distorted messages it can heal itself without drugs and without requiring surgery. As a prepration x-ray pictures are generally taken of the entire spine. These images show where brain sits on the skull, and how the spinal column fits together protecting the nerve system. Care is then provided based on an analyis of the x-rays, physical examination and consultation with the physician.


My lower back pain was unbearable for years. Just a few chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Williams and the pain is gone.  Hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to. – Steve W

I originally went here for a pain in my chest from a rib that was out of place from playing baseball and am HOOKED and now go every week! I used to get chronic headaches everyday and have not had 1 headache since I’ve been going here. The ladies up front are very nice and Dr Dave is GREAT! – Thomas

I had tried physical therapy, expensive orthopedists, massage … the result were the same, still in pain. Finally, I got relief with Dr. David H. Williams . He is effective, compassionate and takes time to understand his patient’s concerns. His knowledge is considerable, and I trust his judgment. I feel in good hands! – Lewis

Don’t put off a visit if you are in pain. Dr. Williams saved me from pain ranging from constant ache to near blackouts as I suffered from chronic lower back pain and sciatica. I have been free from these ailments for several months. Thank you! – Mark

Staff is great and doctors are gentle and patient. After few visits my back was back to normal. After my improper dive into the pool I thought it would be worse. Dave helped me heal fast and I am very happy. – Dan

Relief from lower back pain after a few session. Dr. David is great, good listener and an expert in his field. Surely will continue to visit his clinic for next session. – Arthur

Incredible Experience Really a great experience. Dr. Williams is the best doctor I’ve ever encountered. His eye for details in the human body is amazing. He knows the body structure and his healing techniques are incredible. Five stars!!! – Angie

My back feels great! Thanks to Dr. David Williams my back feels a lot better. As well as being an excellent therapist, he was very polite and informative. I definitely recommend Dr. Williams for those whose back needs fixing up. – Robert

Amazing!!!! My co-worker had recommended Dr. Williams when I hurt my back earlier this year. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting, and the staff is extremely helpful and professional. Dr Williams is a miracle worker! – Rayshelle

Dr Dave Williams and his staff are amazing. I had gotten into a car accident over a year ago. With the help of Dr Williams, a couple of months later I was almost as good as new. I was always skeptical of pain management with out medication. I actually looked forward to my weekly visits. Thank you Dr William. – Archer

Look No Further! I don’t take the time to write a review about anything or anyone unless I’m 100% satisfied. And after visiting Dr. Williams a few times I feel 200% more healthy, happy, stronger & flexible! I would never expect to find someone as Honest and helpful in this town, but I was wrong! Dr. Williams and his staff were genuine as can be, which made me feel like they really did care about my wellness. Thanks Dr. Williams! Not only do I feel better, but I’m back on top of my golf game as well, that’s right where I want to be. – Rebecca

I Trust Dr. Dave!!! Dr. Dave is the most intelligent and friendly Dr. I have ever been to! I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from back or muscle pain. His work has done miracles on my lower back pain. Not only is he good at making my bones & muscles feel great, but he helps me feel better about myself. Thanks Dr. Dave, you ROCK!!! – Ben

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