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Car Crash


Car Crash Damage can be More than Material

Car crash can be a life changing event. If you own a car, then you probably already informed yourself about the risks of being involved in a car crash. According to statistics, millions of people are loosing their lives, remain deformed, paralyzed or have to deal with several conditions after being involved in a car crash. Back Care Chiropractic can treat patients even with severe damage. Neck pain from this type of event can be debilitating. The car crash is also one of the top causes of death in the United States, right after heart and lung diseases. In a nutshell, the car crashes are responsible for deaths and astronomical medical bills and the simplest way to notice that is via the price of the insurance premiums for people with a bad driving history. The brain and head injuries resulted from a car accident

Car Crash Injuries are Uniquely Complex

Car crash can cause damage to the body. The most common injuries the driver and the passengers will suffer are the ones located near the head area. During a car crash things tend to tear, twist and fly around in every direction. Consequentially, even the smallest piece of metal can break your windshield and give you anything from a mild contusion to traumatic brain damage. The worse part is that some of the head injuries suffered during a car crash often start appearing later on.  Another type of injuries that you can suffer in a car crash are the ones located in the facial area. Basically, there is no need for flying metal objects to break the windshield and hit you. In fact, you can get serious injuries during a car crash from your airbag, dashboard, side windows and the car seats. It is important to note the injuries that you can suffer from a car crash vary in intensity and severity, from simple bruises to fractures, dislocations and lacerations. What to do in case you hurt you back in an auto accident? Due to the torque effect, many drivers and passengers alike suffer various back problems immediately or soon after a car crash. In case your neck or back is hurting after the car crash or you do not feel your limbs in the next period it is advisable that you see a doctor right away. In case the pain is severe and accompanied by dizziness, nausea and you lose your consciousness, then it is imperious that you take X-RAY scans and find out the diagnosis after the car crash.

Car Crash Injuries Should be Treated at Back Care Chiropractic

Car crash can cause pain; patients are advised to use ice on the back areas where you feel pain or discomfort. On a side note, if a portion of your back start to swell after the car crash, then you should take some mild anti-inflammatory drugs before you reach the doctor’s office. Similar to chronic back pains, to alleviate the pain in the back resulted from a car crash, you should apply cold and then hot compresses within the first 72 hours. Do not neglect the psychological traumas after a car crash

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