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chiropractor las vegasChiropractor, also known as doctors of chiropractic, practice a form of medicine that does not require drugs or surgery. Traditional western medicine, as we know it today, focuses on treating ailments with prescribed medication, and, when necessary, with surgery. What a chiropractor actually works on is subluxation. The easiest way to think about subluxation, is to consider that a lack of water is called dehydration; a lack of air intake is known as suffocation. Subluxation is a lack of nerve flow. A chiropractor is able to manipulate movable segments of the spine in particular to improve nerve flow. At Back Care Chiropractic, we specialize in drug free, surgery free, healing. Treatment by a chiropractor typically lasts eight to twelve weeks. Te begin treatment, all new patients will need to have an x-ray taken of them. This ensures the chiropractor has a proper view of your ailments. Various types of therapy are administered during chiropractic treatment as well as regular examinations. Chiropractic adjustments, a unique form of therapy, are administered over the duration of the treatment can only be administered by a chiropractor.

Chiropractor Las Vegas Care can Improve Your Quality of Life

Chiropractor care is preferred to traditional treatments when experiencing relief from your ailments. In this form of medicine we think of healing time in terms of growth cycle. Depending on the individual, a growth cycle can last anywhere from six to eight weeks. A chiropractor will usually be able to treat the most mild of cases in one half to a full growth cycle. More serious injuries can take up to twelve weeks to fully heal. The adjustment an effective way of reducing subluxation, your chiropractor can perform. This technique can be done with hands, or a variety of instruments. Patients who deal with a lot of stress will need more frequent chiropractic adjustments, as they tend to be more prone to subluxation. Stress is not only a mental. Injuries, car accidents, and other ailments put physical stress on your body. When these build up, a trip to your local chiropractor is highly recommended. Subluxation doesn’t just affect the way a person feels, but also can weaken their immune system, leaving them prone to further injuries. A chiropractor will commonly treat patients with chronic sciatica. Sciatic nerve pain originates in the lower spine and radiates through the pelvis down the leg. The more severe the sciatica problem is, the pain will extend lower down the leg. Over the past 15 years we have very high success rates with patients suffering from sciatica, without the need for harmful medication, at the Las Vegas chiropractor.

Chiropractor Las Vegas Will Treat Your Ailments

Chiropractor also treats migraines, as well as various other types of chronic headaches. We are able to help almost 90 percent of our patients with chronic headaches. The condition is much more common in women than in men; women report cases of migraines at three times the rate of men. Nausea is another common symptom associated with migraines. At the Las Vegas Chiropractic Center, we treat migraines differently, without the need for medication or surgery. You can receive treatment now at the Las Vegas chiropractor.

Back Care Chiropractic Treats:
Back pain is a common problem in the United States and around the world. Patients come to our center for treatment that is personalized to them, drug free, and effective.
Las Vegas chiropractor knows sciatic nerve pain, like many ailments, originates as a compressed nerve ending in the spine. Through the use of the chiropractic adjustment we are able to release the pressure built up on the nerves caused by accumulated stress. Pain from this disorder can be felt in the hip, buttocks, lower back, and occasionally extends down the leg, possibly even the foot. An interesting fact about sciatica, is that the condition is often more pronounced in cold weather. If you are suffering from sciatica, please do not wait, call the chiropractor.
Migraines are a common, recurring form of primary headache that is extremely painful. Pain is known to last anywhere from several hours to a few days. Women suffer from this disorder at a much higher rate than men. Almost 90 percent of our patients experience relief after a chiropractic adjustment.

Shoulder Pain

At the Las Vegas Chiropractic Center, we treat many patients suffering from shoulder pain. Because the shoulder is such a movable joint, it is prone to injury. Also, the shoulder is unique in the fact that one an injury has been incurred in this region, future injuries are much more likely. More serious injuries require more frequent adjustments, at your friendly, local, Las Vegas Chiropractor.
Neck Pain
Neck pain is one of the most common problems in the world; affecting nearly 70 percent of people worldwide, from the most diverse backgrounds and living situations imaginable. At Las Vegas Chiropractic Center, we specialize in treating neck pain using our medication and surgery free approach.


Chiropractic care is different. We treat your ailments with the chiropractic adjustment, a drug free, surgery free, alternative form of healing. Our patients experience exceptionally high rates of relief with this safe, effective, method.
Physical Therapy
At the Las Vegas Chiropractic Center, we provide unique forms of physical therapy that include life style classes, to manage stress and improve health. Stretches and exercises are demonstrated and practiced in the classes we provide. These services are available when you visit the Las Vegas chiropractor.


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